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Vineyard and variety
At the north-western end of the Doc Etna area, between the districts of San Lorenzo and Campo Rè, at 765 meters above sea level the vineyards of the estate extend for 8 hectares on ancient volcanic soils. The original vineyard of Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccino planted in the mid-1900s has recently been joined by the modern plant of native white grapes: Carricante and Catarratto.

Soil and climates In the Etna region there are substantial climatic differences, not only compared to the rest of Sicily, but also between one side of the volcano and the other. Here the strong temperature range between day and night, the remarkable ventilation typical of the Alcantara Valley, the richness of the mineral composition of the volcanic soil and its constant water availability are the fundamental elements so that the native vines can fully express their territory with elegance and minerality.


The volcanic composition of the territory (pebbly and gravelly, sandy and ashy) directly affects the vine, the grapes and finally reappears in the wine. The climate is another fundamental factor for the quality of wines.

The Etna area boasts unique climatic peculiarities compared to the rest of Sicily, so much so that we speak of “an island within an island”.

It is a highly ventilated area with a large temperature range: these peculiar climatic aspects have a profoundly favorable impact on wine production.

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